Poetry Contest winners 2013

Group 5 Adults


1st Place: Carol Graser                      “The Icicle”

2nd Place: Kathie Briggs                   “Nine Months on”

3rd Place:  Jacki O’Brien-Gerace      “Harvest”

Hon Men: Nancy K. Carpenter        “HEARTSTRINGS”

Hon Men: Carol Graser                     “Public Skate”

Hon Men:  Davie Waite                     “Gold and Iron

Group 4     High School


1st Place:    Teresa Todd            “Strength, Power, and Hope”

2nd Place:   Hannah Morris         “Journeys”

Tie 3rd Place:    Dori Bergman          “Cartwheel”

Tie 3rd Place:   Catherine Streissguth   untitled

Group 3   6-7-8 Grades


1st Place:   McKenzie Dolan       “A Storm in the Trees”

2nd Place:   Abby Benware         “Bare Trees”

3rd Place:    CJ Malone                “Camp”

Hon Men:   Hannah Ali                “Tolerance”

Hon Men:   Julie Coggiola            “Cupcakes Gone Wrong”

Hon Men:    Alicia Fredette          “Mystery”

Group 2      4-5 Grades


1st Place:    Timothy Larsen       “Earth”

2nd Place:    Sophia Cattalani     “ The World’s Lesson”

3rd Place:     Sarah Herter           “Fireworks”

Hon Men:   Jane Gutchess        “ Skiing Kandahar”

Group 1    K-3 Grades


1st Place:    Sebastian Deldicque      untitled

2nd Place:   Sophia Soderberg      “Dinner with Dad”

3rd Place:    Natalie Teece             “True Friends”

Hon Men:   Bella Viggiano             “Falcons”

Hon Men:   Hatcher Gutchess      “Soccer Goal”

Hon Men:   Mathias Deldicque      untitled

Hon Men:   Isabelle Soderberg        “Arf”




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