National League of American Pen Women 90th Anniversary Exhibit

The Onondaga Historical Museum exhibit features 90 years of the Pen Women of CNY’s chapter’s history, including artwork, poetry, photographs, books, and other writings, as well as awards.  The exhibit also includes a loan of an original 1928 photograph of Pen Women taken outside the White House with President Calvin Coolidge.  The framed photograph includes a very young Dorothy Lowell Wakker, a current resident of Lyncourt, NY.  Dorothy’s mother, Rose Lowell, a member of the two year old CNY chapter of NLAPW, took her daughter to the event in Washington, D.C.  Rose Lowell was a free lance columnist with the Syracuse newspapers in the 1930s & 1940s.

A special anniversary reception will be held on October 13th between 5-7 pm. 

The Central NY chapter of NLAPW was founded in 1926 and has promoted and encouraged the development of creative talents throughout the CNY community through its Poetry/Art contest. In addition to the Poetry/Art contest, the CNY members participate actively in the local arts scene as visual artists, writers, poets, genealogists, and lecturers.

The CNY chapter began a yearlong celebration of its 90th anniversary in November 2015 with a visit from NLAPW National President Candace Long, and an art exhibit and poetry/prose reading at the Fayetteville Library. The event was open to the public and also featured Candace Long’s presentation, “Wired For Creativity”.

The group toured the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls NY. CNY Pen Women along with NLAPW President Candace Long presented Pen Women Vinnie Ream’s (1847 – 1914) name as a candidate for the Hall of Fame. Vinnie Ream is best known as the sculptor who created the statue of Abraham Lincoln for the U.S. Capitol Rotunda.

In April 2016, seven Pen Women journeyed to Washington DC to attend the NLAPW 2016 Biennial to experience four days of presentations in art, politics, music, dance and literature with Pen Women from all over the country.  Three CNY Pen Women were represented in the Biennial Juried Art Show, and one won an award in the Poetry Competition. One of the CNY members also was elected as a national vice president. In addition, five members had a private West Wing tour of the


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