Dear Pen Women:
We hope to bring back the Friend Award for this, our 60th year of the Contest.  I have agreed to coordinate the nominations, selection and preparation of the actual award.  This Award can serve to both honor deserving individuals and organizations and to promote recruitment of new members.  While “Award” suggests one winning nominee, we have given two awards in the past.
It would be wonderful if we have several nominations.  Please use the attached form so that we can assure transparency and adequate review.     Thanks for
helping to make this a truly commendable award, maybe even prestigious!
Mary Gardner



To honor an individual (or organization) who has creatively, consistently, and collaboratively advanced the cause of art, poetry, or music composition in Central New York, thereby having a significant impact on the quality of life for individuals and groups at organizational, community or regional levels.


The CNY Branch of the NLAPW will be solely responsible for managing the nomination

and selection process for this Award. The frequency of presentation of the Award and determination of the Award category (e.g. poetry, fiction, art, composition) will be at the discretion of the Branch, operating through its Poetry and Art Contest Committee. It will be the responsibility of the Committee, acting together or through a sub-committee, to announce and receive nominations, and, based upon the nominations received, recommend the winning nominee. The Branch will determine the budget allocation available for the award.


The Friend Award Committee will draft appropriate press releases in collaboration with the Contest and/or the Branch Media Chair, so that information about the Award is carried forward as a part of the annual NLAPW Awards Program and Ceremony.

The Friend Award Committee will review all nominations, select a winner or possible winners, and recommend their decision to the Contest Committee. A decision will also be made and carried out regarding an appropriate prize and the presentation itself. Publicity about the award will be coordinated through the Contest Chair and Branch Media Chair.


The Friend Award will be presented as part of the annual Contest Ceremony.


Please submit the Nomination Form and any supporting information by February 20, 2015.

Send to: Mary Gardner, 2411 Wave Way, Skaneateles, NY 13152 or to mlgardner37@yahoo.com

Please click on the following link to open and print the nomination form:

Friend Award Nomination Form


Alert! Pen Women Art Exhibit

Below is the information that you will need for the opening at  Baldwinsville Public Library.  I will also print out and disperse paper  copies to those who attend the November meeting. ( These public displays  and performances of poetry readings and visual arts are part of our membership  outreach and active participation in our community.  They are work for us  all, but are free for the most part).
Receiving date:    November 30, Saturday, from 10am-noon
Opening and Poetry  Reading:   December 5, Thursday, from 6-8pm   Poetry reading at  7:30pm
Take down and pick up:   December 30, Monday, from  4-6pm
Each visual  artist may send one large piece, two 20×24 or smaller, or three 16×20 or  smaller All work  must be wired or otherwise ready to hang
Framed  poetry or writings will be appreciated and readings sought!  Please notify  Mary Kester if you will read at the opening (email me at kester@bci.net or call 638-4036)
Business  cards, brochures, books for display and one page bio or resume will be  displayed
Labels will  be filled out and attached upon delivery of work
The library will  serve punch, cheese, crackers and fruit for the opening.  We have no  obligation for this.  I do hope that most of us will participate at this  busy, festive time of year!  Please let me know if I can facilitate any  part of your joining with us! (kester@bci.net or  638-4036).
Mary Kester

[National League of American Pen Women ] Rachael Ikin’s “The Solitary Journey”is featured…


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Solitary Journey

“Sleeps well with others” proclaims her black Tee with the chlorine stain on the right side of the hem. No, she doesn’t, not really. She is bossy, opinionated, wounded. Struggles to heal the injury by herself, the only one, (his kindess) who truly understood in a visceral sense, the lavender shadows that lap none too gently at her irritated skin, a scourge of sorts that drives her onward, gone but for a photo  on her table.
She learns alone. In her own way. Many chances lost, she understands while listening for the ultrasonic song of her absent dog’s grief, that nobody sees a broken heart. It can’t be sampled to study beneath microscope, nor dissected. No, the only solution is reunion. Bring the pack together again, and sure, enough the little family gathers around her bare feet in their tiny kitchen where she teaches herself to cook her husband’s recipes by herself. Complete. Cat, loafed on an ottoman, young dog gazes up, the elder dog,  recently-abandoned, three days until he raised his eyes in trust to hers. This shames her, but she accepts it.
It has taken her a lifetime to understand to leave none  behind on the battlefield. That she, too, can leave battles, strike out across the plains into the deeper woods with her pack, her posse, until they sleep deeply camouflaged by layers of warming leaves shed early, perhaps just for this purpose. To protect the family as leaky rowboats, creaky oars hung loose, beach waves of nightmare behind her fluttering eyelids. A dog whimpers in a dream. Cat extends her claws, sighs. They follow her, guard her through  danger.
Rachael Z. Ikins
http://www.rachaelikins.com Artwork for sale at http://rachaelikins.com/artwork.htm Publications, books for sale at http://rachaelikins.com/publications.htm Ask The Girl Arts (@pet services) on FaceBook
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“Dwell in possibility and you will find magic!”